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Covid struck, but, we're Still Here (updated: 6/24/21):  First Update since 1 1/2 years ago!

Having survived our big and Successful LA Reunion, we had planned a gig in the NYC area in 2020.  However, you know what happened.  We are reaching a position where we might just be able to resume that Plan!  Stay posted, my updates will now be much more frequent....hopefully ;)

Pix have been added to the Gallery from the LA Whiskey Show.  Here's the link: New  LA 2019 Reunion Pix !!!

Here's a link to the 2019 LA Reunion show vids on YouTube:  Warlock/Downtown Warriors  On the Run

Here's the link for a YouTube video of The Warlock Live from the July 2018 Minneapolis show

Last, but, not least....the classic Chelsea NYC show in 1998 featuring a live Backstreet Romance, our single:

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Sneak Attack Chelsea sessions, NYC

Chelsea Sessions, 1998

There's more pictures in the Sneak Attack (Hungry Eye) Gallery

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