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Nick Gamma's New York Bar Review, featuring Bars from New York City and State.  Reviewed by the 'Legendary Lush'... Nick Gamma, formerly of metal rock band, Sneak Attack.  Some of these places aren't reviewed anywhere else. Apologies for reviews of bars no longer serving :((courtesy Sneak Attack Metal Rock website)


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Current Reviews

 Reviews, as of 1/10/06 (Yes, it's a classic 90s website for amusement only)  

Me at Slopes for Y2K celebration, doused in beer = Editor's Choice  Smoking Lady = I'm no longer revealing these locations for their safety  Homer eating  = For the eaters

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Other Bars to be reviewed:

Hooters has finally been reviewed! (above in the H's)

Le Bar Bat, 57th St. No point - it's gone...1 less place for bands to play.

Montego Bay, Island Park (mini review:  Worth going just for the bartenders outfits...or lack of them.  Think you gotta wait 'til summer, though  B)


This makes me realize I drink in a lot of places.  Maybe you do, too.  


*These opinions are mine, based on my drunken experiences at these places, and not compensation from them.  In fact they sometimes don't even buy me a drink...until I've had 3 or so, which takes around 35 minutes

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