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The updated Hungry Eye, 2003

TM Sneak Attack 1980-the original SA logo denoting 3 armys attacking, watched by the Hungry Eye

Sneat Attack headlines Gazzari's on Sunset Strip, Hollywood CA

Gazzarri's, around 1987 Click


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Sandy Blast! 10 Year Reunion De Freaze at Jezebel's

-- Go forth, My children ! Sandy, Nick The Emperor

WildManGamma.JPG (57611 bytes)Sneak Attack LA group shot 30 Year ReunionNickPeggysci.JPG (197313 bytes) Peggy's June 03

New  LA 2019 Reunion Pix !!!Tt

New  Featured Video: On YouTube-Warlock 2019/Downtown Warriors! 

Featured Video: The Warlock Live! Tt

 Featured Video: The Hungry Eye Live!


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