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Other stuff of Note (updated: 7/26/18):  The Crush Them All !!! Reunion of Sneak Attack show did, in fact happen after 20 years!  It all happened on July 21st...  

To start:  Minneapolis MN was rocked by young openers Alyson and Evan.  They will go a long way...great show!  The also joined us on 'Baby'.

Then, the Hungry Eye unleashed Sneak Attack, -The Power Trio of Nick Gamma (The Emperor), Jeff  Hanzal (De Freaze), and Sandy Morison (De Blast).  The audience enjoyed the veteran rockers and we responded! 

It was a monumental effort putting this together.  What a great job done by 'De Freaze', his other half, Laura, and daughter Alyson.  The Best Hosts Ever!  Big thanks to De Blaster's other half, Becky and my lovely Babee Doll and Empress, Randi....and of course to the people of Minnesota.  You Rock !!!

Facebook page available (Private only-you know who you are ;).  Video clips for public consumption will be uploaded in the coming weeks.  Also, the Gallery will get a new section for the latest pix. can now buy Sneak Attack tunes on  Here's a link:



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Sneak Attack Chelsea sessions, NYC

Chelsea Sessions, 1998

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